Wine Articles

Malbec – Author Bill Stefan

Malbec Analytical Wine Tasting Report The label contained: (1) wine name: Phebus; (2) varietal grape: Malbec; (3) vintage: 2014; (4) the quality regulatory control: Gran Reserva ; (5) region where [...]

Albarino – Author Bill Stefan

Albarino Analytical Wine Tasting Report PDT The label contained: (1) the wine name: Val Do Sosego; (2) the varietal grape: Albarino; (3) the vintage: 2017; (4) regulatory control: Denominacion de [...]

Spirits Articles

Alchemist Cabinet Vol 1 – Author Alan Bishop

What to Distill??

Vodka, Gin, Bourbon and Rye, oh my!! In today’s market, if you find yourself in a decent liquor store, you’ll encounter a plethora of these spirits on the shelf. Certainly […]

Spirits Judging

Chapter 1: Knowledge and Experience “So let me get this right? I guessed all four bourbons in a blind tasting, including a couple batch numbers, and you’re telling me that […]

Craft Distillery

What exactly is a “Craft” distillery or spirit?? Or substitute “Artisanal” for the word “Craft”? The answer to the question most likely depends upon whom you posed that question to? […]

Hey, can you tell me who makes this Whiskey?

If you work for a major retailer who carries a large selection of Bourbon or American Whiskey, chances are you’ve been asked that question. It’s a good question, and one […]