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2011 Domaine Leflaive Bourgogne 91 points

2011 Domaine Leflaive Bourgogne 91 points One of the best places in the world for Chardonnay is the Beaune in Burgundy and, for many years, one of the finest winemakers [...]

Malbec – Author Bill Stefan

Malbec Analytical Wine Tasting Report The label contained: (1) wine name: Phebus; (2) varietal grape: Malbec; (3) vintage: 2014; (4) the quality regulatory control: Gran Reserva ; (5) region where [...]

Albarino – Author Bill Stefan

Albarino Analytical Wine Tasting Report PDT The label contained: (1) the wine name: Val Do Sosego; (2) the varietal grape: Albarino; (3) the vintage: 2017; (4) regulatory control: Denominacion de [...]

Spirits Articles

Terroir in Spirits

Terroir in Spirits So a couple of years ago, during an impromptu Cognac tasting that I put together while on a river cruise in Bordeaux, I was asked the following [...]

Sour Mash Vs. Sweet Mash Whiskey

AUTHOR:  ALAN BISHOP With the rise of the small craft distillery movement in the United States and the drive to find a competitive edge and differentiate products, many distillers have […]

Alchemist Cabinet Vol 1 – Author Alan Bishop

What to Distill??

Vodka, Gin, Bourbon and Rye, oh my!! In today’s market, if you find yourself in a decent liquor store, you’ll encounter a plethora of these spirits on the shelf. Certainly […]

Spirits Judging

Chapter 1: Knowledge and Experience “So let me get this right? I guessed all four bourbons in a blind tasting, including a couple batch numbers, and you’re telling me that […]

Craft Distillery

What exactly is a “Craft” distillery or spirit?? Or substitute “Artisanal” for the word “Craft”? The answer to the question most likely depends upon whom you posed that question to? […]

Hey, can you tell me who makes this Whiskey?

If you work for a major retailer who carries a large selection of Bourbon or American Whiskey, chances are you’ve been asked that question. It’s a good question, and one […]