Spirits Reviews

Spirits Reviews

These are reviews, and should not be confused with tasting notes. All reviews are done neat, and in a NEAT glass utilizing a 100 point scoring system, similar to ones used in competitions. Not all reviews will have complete tasting notes, as I personally feel they can be very subjective, and have read too many that left me shaking my head. The review takes into account other nuances of the spirits, such as complexity, balance, and the overall merit of the spirit within the categories. Some reviews may sound as if I’m talking to you in the spirits section of a liquor store.

Nose – 25 Points
Mouth-Feel – 20 Points
Taste – 25 Points
Finish – 20 Points
Overall Impression – 10 Points


95 – 100, Truly a classic spirit for its category
90 – 94, An outstanding spirit with superior character and style
85 – 89, A very good spirit with special or unique qualities
80 – 84, A good, solid, and well-made spirit
75 – 79, A mediocre or average spirit, but has some flaws

Buying Guide

1 Cat – Overpriced
2 Cats – High
3 Cats – Average
4 Cats – Bargain
5 Cats – Steal

The buying guide is just that, an unbiased tool to assist with purchasing decisions. 3 Cats means that the spirit is within the average price for that particular spirit, and is not a negative indicator.

I’m very open, so feel free to contact me for a breakdown of any review or score. I’m happy to share!

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