Wine Reviews

Wine Reviews

All reviews are performed utilizing a 100 point scoring system, similar to ones used in some competitions, Wine Spectator, and by Robert Parker.


95 – 100, Truly a classic wine for its category
90 – 94, An outstanding wine with superior character and style
85 – 89, A very good wine with special qualities
80 – 84, A solid, and well-made wine
75 – 79, A mediocre or average wine that is drinkable, but has some minor flaws

Buying Guide

1 Cat – Overpriced
2 Cats – High
3 Cats – Average
4 Cats – Bargain
5 Cats – Steal

The buying guide is just that, an unbiased tool to assist with purchasing decisions. 3 Cats means that the wine is within the average price for that particular wine or category, and is not a negative indicator.

I’m very open, so feel free to contact me for a breakdown of any review or score. I’m happy to share!

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